Whitby Lifeboat


Whitby Gazette Supplement - Part Two

I have many photographs on this website of Whitby's all weather lifeboat George & Mary Webb. Those captured by Ceri in 2010 by the Gazette photographer Ceri Oakes as part of producing a newspaper lifeboat supplement, however lend a new element to the galleries.

Like the previous page though I thought that I would add a small slideshow below.


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Ceri has proved in the photographs below that differing a viewpoint can dramatically add to the way a image is presented. Whitby is often blessed with picturesque blue skies and clear water, though as often happens not when I'm able to get out with my cameras. It is for this reason that I find Ceri's pictures quite atmospheric the moody skies and the low view point add to lifeboat's exhilarating speed.

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