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Past Coxswains & Crew - One

I felt that as a mark of respect it is only fitting that I include photographs of individuals that have served as past coxswains and crewmen aboard the rowing and motor lifeboats, which have been stationed at Whitby lifeboat station in more than 200 years as a medal winning station. Each of the coxswains and crewmen has played an equally important role and as such no preference has been given to one particular coxswain nor crewman and to give them equal credit I have listed them in no particular order.

Eric Taylor
Eric Thomson
Harry Murfield
Edward Verril
George Peart
David Harland
Harry Lal Richardson
Harry Lal Richardson
Henry freeman
Richard Eglon
Billy Harland
Michael Coates
Robert Harland
John Storr
Joe Tomlinson

A second gallery page can be accessed using the following link which is dedicated to more past Coxswains and Crew of Whitby lifeboats.

Whitby Lifeboat Coxswains


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