Whitby Lifeboat


Whitby Lifeboat Station

Base Breaking

The Old Station

This gallery pages the fourth of seven presents photographs of the work involved in breaking the base of what remained of Whitby Lifeboat station. The first photograph is the inshore ramp, the nearer part of what was inside the station until its demise, it is worth pointing out that at one point the former lifeboat Mary Ann Hepworth once used a ramp in the same place. The unit breaking the solid base makes it look easy, although it looked anything but easy. In order to get close to the structure the unit was placed onto a barge photographs of which have yet to be added to this website.

The Inshore Slip
The Jaw Breaker
Crunching Away
Heavy Going
West Side View
A Distinct Look

With the base broken up only the piles remained from the station and the gallery presents what is undoubtedly a a rare sight. Awaiting the beginning of new fabrications it seemed quite strange to see nothing where the station once stood. The following buttons link to the other Whitby Lifeboat Station gallery pages.

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