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Lifeboats are a topic which open up all manner of things that can be fun for children of all ages, or so my wife tells me, she is after all my testing ground. I have seen various sketches that can be coloured in at RNLI shops along with jigsaws and things to keep children amused I thought that given a little time I could add a few things here which would be yet another facet to my website. I have started things off with a few word search puzzles with other items to be added later.

Fun for the younger enthusiast

In the meantime though I would encourage you to check out the RNL download page for the younger generation using the link above, it has

A fun lifeboat spotting guide.

The novel "Scatty the Seagull" desktop toy.

A range of 12 fun wallpapers.

2 creative screensavers.

Finally don't forget the main RNLI website which as you would expect be filled with all manner of information including an A4 rescue map which I have added here as a sample

Wordsearch Puzzles

The wordsearch puzzles can only be used when printing them off, although my aim is to have them for use online if I can do so.  I have been made aware of a flaw in the first wordsearch and I deeply apologize for any offence this may have created, for the time being the particular wordsearch has been temporarily taken down.

Spot The Difference

I have literally hundreds of photographs associated with lifeboats in one way or another and the three puzzles below are ones that I feel will be easy to swap from time to time. There is not as much space online to do these justice and I have therefore added larger printable versions which can be accessed using the button links below to access each of the three puzzles.

The photograph below was captured during one of the annual lifeboat weekends and is one of many fine shots I intend adding later. I have made ten differences between the photographs below of the present all weather lifeboat "George & Mary Webb".

Original Version
Ten Differences To Be Found

The rowing lifeboat below is the newly restored William Riley, one of six lifeboats involved in the attempts to rescue survivors of the Rohilla disaster. The photograph was taken as the former lifeboat was undergoing its first real test, before its first major fundraising event. I have made seven differences between the two photographs below.

Original Version
Seven Differences To Be Found

The motor lifeboat below is the "Mary Ann Hepworth" Whitby's longest serving lifeboat as it takes centre stage during a lifeboat weekend, playing the part of a crippled craft on fire. I have made seven differences between the two photographs below, can you spot them.

Original Version
Seven More Differences

Are you still struggling to find the differences then check out my answer page using the button below.

I have added a number of computer wallpapers, samples of which can be accessed using the following Computer Wallpaper link.

The following photographs have been used to create some jigsaws, use the photograph links to access the jigsaws.

Jigsaw One
Jigsaw Two
Jigsaw Three
Inshore Jigsaw

As ever if you have any suggestions I would welcome an e-mail as I am always willing to consider adding something new, perhaps a caption competition?

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