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Another record year for RNLI lifesavers

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Published Date: 26 January 2010

By Martin Herron

Scarborough lifeboats had one of their busiest ever years in 2009 as "staycationers" boosted the number of holidaymakers visiting the coast but also pushed up the number of at sea emergencies.
The towns Coastguard have also said that the year broke records for rescue incidents.

Scarborough's lifeboats were launched 25 times, with 28 people being rescued from the sea. The boats in Whitby went out 33 times, rescuing 36 people, and Filey launched on 46 occasions, saving 38.

In 2008 Scarborough's boats went out 23 times, rescuing 16 people.

John Porter, Scarborough RNLI assistant press officer, said: "This isn't a record number of call outs, but it was certainly a busy year.

I would say that there has been a significant upturn in the number of people visiting Scarborough, which consequently affected the number of rescues.

The crew are very happy with their achievement its what we are there for and it's what we will continue to do.

Across the North, lifeboats were launched 1,282 times and rescued 961 people, a 24 per cent increase on 2008 and three per cent more than the previous record year of 2003.

The busiest station in the North was Sunderland, which had 101 launches, followed by Skegness and Hartlepool.

People in difficulties in the sea, such as swimmers, divers or those who had fallen into the water, sparked 292 call outs the single biggest reason for launches.

Pleasure craft in trouble prompted the second highest number of call outs at 290.

The figures have been released ahead of the charity's biggest day of fundraising, RNLI SOS Day, on Friday.

Events are being organised across the UK, and the public are being urged to get involved.

Andy Clift, the organisation's divisional inspector for the North, said: "As a charity which depends on the public for its funding, we appeal to as many people as possible to support us on SOS Day by organising a fundraising event, attending one or simply making a donation.

Scarborough Coastguard say that 2009 was their busiest year on record.

They dealt with 109 incidents, the first time that incidents in the town have reached three figures, and directly saved 10 lives.

The year's statistics include 16 searches for missing people, 13 people in the water, eight cliff rescues and eight animal cliff rescues.

Spokesman Mark Appleby said: "It is evident that, with the continued recession, more people are visiting the local coastlines, increasing the number of incidents. While we want people to have fun and enjoy their time on the coast it is important that they take extra care and make themselves aware of local weather and tidal conditions."

If they are in any doubt they can telephone the coastguard for advice, visit the team website at www.scarboroughcoastguard.co.uk or in emergency dial 999 and ask for coastguard.

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