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Office Dismantling

The Old Station

Somewhat out of order it seems a little strange creating some gallery pages related to the removal of the station that had served Whitby for so long, sadly the end of an era but yet the beginning of something new. The new lifeboat station was officially opened in September 2007 by HRH Duchess of Kent. It was only last year that I finally found the time to create and upload four gallery pages for the opening.

This is the first of seven gallery pages dedicated to the dismantling and removal of the old station built in 1919 (seen right), before the building of the new / present station. The building has been such a prominent focal point for so long that it is pictured on so many publications. With plans for a new fully dedicated station suitable for providing today's generation of lifeboat volunteers with all the facilities one would expect, the old building was destined for removal.

Whitby Lifeboat Station Removal

As the first gallery it is only logical that I present photographs of the initial work to clear the office and communal crew area. The first two photographs show crew members well into the work. The area served multiple functions including the station office, training area and bar amongst others. The station must have seen many unique things over the years, the highs and lows, it has certainly served the RNLI throughout the years.

The Work Begins
Yet More Volunteering
Very Little Remains
The Inshore and Workshop Area
Where To Start
The Empty Inshore Trailer

The photographs above don't really portray the sense of how stark the station dismantling work looks, it must have been a little sad for the crew to see the station like this even if the thought of a new building must have been hopeful. The following links lead to additional gallery pages which I hope you find represent the positive and large project. I recall my first visit to the communal area when looking through the original service return book that held the information for the Rohilla. The last meeting I attended at the old station was when a group of like minded people came together to form the Whitby Historic Lifeboat Trust back in 2005. The following buttons link to the other gallery pages.

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