Whitby Lifeboat


Whitby Lifeboat Weekend 2008

It would have been a mammoth task to consider adding lifeboat orientated gallery pages to this website but apart from the lifeboat vessel galleries I felt it would be remiss of me not to have done so. I have a plethora of lifeboat photographs which I feel would only complement these pages and have therefore added photographs captured during the 2008 lifeboat weekend.

Inshore Lifeboat & Inflatables
The Speed increases
Capsize Drills
Working As A Team
Fire Aboard Drills
Mary Ann Hepworth
RAF Search & Rescue

The inshore and offshore lifeboats are open for viewing prior to any active displays and I would encourage you to see them for yourself. The bandstand area of the harbour usually bristles with static displays mostly themed around the work undertaken by our lifeboat crews. No lifeboat event would be complete without the obligatory raffles and tombolas and as ever the museum and RNLI shop is always open for business. As the time for the active displays approach their is often a change in atmosphere, some might say a charge of enthusiasm.

The Lifeboat Weekend brings significant lifeboat tourists to Whitby and is one of the most important weekends on the calendar,  please feel free to follow on to the second gallery page here.

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