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Lifeboats rescue 120 in one year

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Published Date: 26 January 2011

SCARBOROUGH, Filey and Whitby Royal National Lifeboat Institution volunteer crews rescued 120 people along the Yorkshire coast last year, according to new figures.

The data shows throughout 2010 the teams rescued a total of 120 people, 110 of which were over 18, and launched their lifeboats 109 times, with 31 services being in darkness.

Of the three areas Scarborough's crew had the quietest 2010 with a total of 23 launches, 10 from the all weather lifeboat and 13 from the inshore lifeboat, rescuing 16 people, all of which were over 18.

Whitby crew’s had the busiest year rescuing 71 people over 12 months, from 48 launches.

Filey launched its all weather lifeboat 12 times and its inshore lifeboat 26 times, and rescued 33 people.
Scarborough, Filey and Whitby crews all contributed to the RNLI’s Northern figures, which showed 1,013 people rescued from 1,090 launches.

The busiest lifeboat station in the charity's north division last year was Sunderland RNLI, with 86 rescue launches.

Around the UK and Ireland, RNLI lifeboats rescued 8,313 people.

RNLI divisional inspector for the North Andy Clift said: “The rescue figures just released show the remarkable commitment RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews have to saving lives. Thanks to them, 1,013 people were rescued and returned home to their families last year.”

The RNLI is now urging the public to support SOS Day on Friday when more than 200 events have been planned in the region.

In Scarborough a Swap Our Surfboards event is being held at Cayton Bay Surf Shop, where surfers are being encouraged to take unwanted surfboards to the shop, donate a minimum £5 to the RNLI and then take their pick of the other surfboards brought in.

If they are in any doubt they can telephone the coastguard for advice, visit the team website at www.scarboroughcoastguard.co.uk or in emergency dial 999 and ask for coastguard.

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