Whitby Lifeboat


HM Coastguard - Part One

Whitby inshore lifeboat is often called out to help assist with people cut off by the rising tide, yet the very nature of the rocky foreshore can sometimes restrict how effective the inshore boat can be. Therefore with many such incidents casualties must rely on the local Mobile Coastguard Unit for their rescue.

The Coastguard Team

Living along the riverside it is often the sirens of the mobile coastguard vehicle that alerts us to an ongoing incident.

The coastguard team can therefore be seen in attendance at many of the rescues when either of the town's lifeboats are called out, the mobile coastguard unit generally takes details when casualties are landed safely. Many of the call outs for the coastguard team may seem trivial to the bystander, however its roles as a search and rescue facility has saved many lives thereby confirming its vital role.

The photographs below were taken in 2006 when the present coastguard unit was officially opened and as usual captured by freelance photographer Alan Wastell.

Official Opening
Chief Staff
Coastguard Team
Peter Dymond
Medal Award
The Real Chiefs

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