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Past Coxswains & Crew - Two

Following on from my previous page, I have included more photographs of individuals that have served as past coxswains and crewmen aboard the rowing and motor lifeboats of Whitby throughout the stations history. It is true to say that lifeboats quite often work in extreme conditions and that each member of the crew is pivotal to its success every member playing an equally important role and as such no preference has been given to one particular coxswain or crewman, they are featured in no particular order.

R Harland
William Richardson
Willie Dryden
Garry Kelley
Coxswain Langlands
2nd Coxswain Richard Eglon
John Will Dryden & James Philpot
Five Whitby Coxswains

I have more photographs to add to these pages, and hope you decide to check back.

Whitby lifeboats own dedicated website which has undergone a full makeover and has a far better layout, when it was first displayed I expected great things of  it. However it has failed to receive the attention its deserves and is sadly not updated on a regular basis. I hope that this is just a temporary problem as the station is accepted as one of the RNLI busiest stations is such an active an one and the website has such a lot of potential yet has only one service call out listed from January! It may be that the one administrator craves some additional help as he has obviously created a aesthetically pleasing website. For those of you who wish to see it for them selves I hope you find the following link to Whitby Lifeboat Station useful.

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