Whitby Lifeboat


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Sometimes the answers can be right before us and yet seem to defy logic. No matter how hard we try they can sometimes be annoying, it is only fair that I add this page to give the definitive answers to my puzzles. At the moment I have some wordsearch puzzles along with my spot the difference one yet would like to add some different. I have come across some jigsaws on other websites and this is something I am considering, please check back later to see how I get on.

The following answers to my "Spot The Difference" puzzles are presented in no specific order.

Spot The Difference One

  1. The letter "I" from the inshore lifeboat.
  2. Upper searchlight and its orange cover.
  3. Upright black pipe on the pier in the background.
  4. The wording on the radar.
  5. RNLI 'flag' logo on the George & Mary Webb.
  6. Missing window on the George & Mary Webb.
  7. Missing inshore lifeboat crewman.
  8. Additional liferaft on the George & Mary Webb.
  9. Missing number on lower hull of the George & Mary Webb.
  10. Altered name on the George & Mary Webb.
Spot The Difference One

Spot The Difference Two

  1. Missing name on the George & Mary Webb.
  2. Missing top on the pontoon post in front of the lobster pots.
  3. Missing name on the yacht sail cover.
  4. Missing crewman on the rowing lifeboat.
  5. Missing oar on the rowing lifeboat.
  6. Missing fender on rowing lifeboat.
  7. Extra RNLI 'flag' on the George & Mary Webb.
Spot The Difference Two

Spot The Difference Three

  1. Missing attic window on house to the left of the photograph.
  2. Missing people on the left side of the beach.
  3. Missing gold engine bay vent on the "Mary Ann Hepworth".
  4. Missing name on the George & Mary Webb.
  5. Missing coxswain on the "Mary Ann Hepworth".
  6. Only one lifeboatman in water in front of the "Mary Ann Hepworth".
  7. Missing flag on the stern of the "Mary Ann Hepworth".
Spot The Difference Three


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