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Mary Ann Hepworth Gallery Two

As a result of a legacy by Mr. W. Hepworth of Hull, Whitby was able to take delivery of a new state of the art lifeboat "Mary Ann Hepworth". As one of the longest serving lifeboats in the R.N.L.I. fleet she served Whitby adding to the town's eclectic heritage. Today the lifeboat is still very much part of the town's ongoing maritime history, running pleasure trips from the harbour.

As well as its daily personal pleasure trips the boat the boat's owner happily engages trips for school's or private parties. The following small gallery contains but a mere fraction or trips that Barry has had, indeed the range is such that it would be a time consuming effort to add select gallry pages here on my website.

Ukrainian Children
A Pleasing Experience
Children affected by the nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.
Young Ghurkas
A Typical Sunny Trip
A happy group of young Ghurka's experience an enjoyable trip out on a sunny day in Whitby.
The Royal
A Hectic Days Filming
Two photographs taken during filming of the hit television series "The Royal", the boat was of the same era the drama series was set in.
Mammal Sightings
Always Have A Camera To Hand
The south coast is not the only one to enjoy a variety of mamal sightings as witnessed in the two photographs above

The Mary Ann Hepworth enjoys a good working relationship within the town and as a former Whitby lifeboat it is without doubt the only true 'original' pleasure boat. Whilst newer pleasure boats might herald something different the former lifeboat has an exceptional history. This alone should be enough to encourage you to try one of Bary's enjoyable and amusing trips for yourself, where else can one experience a peice of history like this. The first gallery page is available using the following link.

Bring Madeleine Home

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