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In April 1938 Whitby received a new lifeboat "Mary Ann Hepworth" which has went on to become Whitby's most successful lifeboat and one of the longest serving lifeboats in the R.N.L.I. fleet. At a cost of £6,576 the 41ft Watson class lifeboat was fitted with two 35hp petrol engines, sails she was state of the art for her time. In 1974 after serving 36 years, being launched 372 times and saving 201 lives she was replaced by the Waveney class lifeboat "The White Rose of Yorkshire".

After being sold by the R.N.L.I. the boat was purchased by Barry Snedden in 1988, Barry was a crewman on the lifeboat and gladly returned the boat to Whitby. Having restored the boat to as near original as was possible the boat has gone on to gain the necessary permits / licences to run pleasure trips.

The boat has been seen in episodes of the Yorkshire television series 'Heartbeat', and also in the TV series 'One Summer in Whitby' which featured the boat quite a bit, and again in 'Island Race' with John McCarthy and Sandy Toskvig.

Lifeboat Crew

Crew members in front of the lifeboat inside the station boat house.

A Happy Crew in 1964

Crew members pictured in 1964 on the lifeboat

A Torrent of Water

The lifeboat leaving the safe confines of the harbour

Leaving Whitby Harbour

A poor weather service, the east pier in the background

The Boat Powers Forward

A trailing wave submerge's the stern of the boat

The Handover To A New Lifeboat

The lifeboat on the station slipway with its successor.

There is no denying the Mary Ann Hepworth has an exceptional history, with its owner Barry Snedden they have become an integral part of Whitby's maritime history. A second gallery page is available using the following link.

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