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Sunday 11 June 2023 was a momentous day for Whitby Lifeboat station as it welcomed its new all weather lifeboat Lois Ivan. The boat entered Whitby harbour entrance at 13.49, the time which corresponds with the operational numbers on the side of the lifeboat. The numbers are special as they are the location for the names of 10,000 people whose loved ones subscribed to the RNLI Launch a Memory campaign.

The Lifeboat entered the harbour in a flotilla, with the present all weather lifeboat George and Mary Webb leading the procession, followed by Whitby's D class inshore lifeboat and lifeboats from neighboring stations Scarborough, Staithes and the independent station Runswick Rescue Boat and the former Upgang lifeboat William Riley. Members of Whitby Yacht Club and a number of local pleasure boats brought up the rear of the procession.

A New Lifeboat

Whitby's new all-weather Lifeboat

Since the boat's arrival the boat has been out most days getting the present volunteer crew up to speed with the latest technology within the RNLI. The new boat is powered by two just thrusters and doesn't have the traditional propellers and rudders like the existing Trent class lifeboat making her more manouverable.The new all-weather lifeboat, numbered 13-49 was named Lois Ivan after Mr George Ivan Stone, and his late partner Lois, who left a generous legacy to the RNLI, the majority of which has funded the new lifeboat. As soon as the present crew are well versed with the new boat the Lois Ivan will take over the mantle of becoming Whitby's permanent all weather lifeboat.

A New Lifeboat

Shannon Class Lifeboat Illustration

Like all RNLI vessels the boat has the self righting capability, the boat is capable of speeds of up to 25 knots with a range/endurance of 250 nautical miles. Typically the all weather lifeboats have a working span of 25 years, the Shannon class however has a hull and superstructure that boats a life span of 50 years although when it reaches 25 years the boat would be fully over hauled and new installations of equipment introduced.

The boat approaching Whitby Bell Buoy
The flotilla taking formation
Something not seen very often
The former lifeboat William Riley
The flotilla of boats in the lower harbour
A pleasing collection of RNLI lifeboats

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