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Whitby Lifeboat - Present Crew Two

This page follows on from my previous one presenting more of today's Whitby Lifeboat Crew Members. I have placed the remaining crew members randomly as each person is simply part of a truly dedicated team. All lifeboats are supported by a vast network of personnel and the last few images are typical examples, the local coastguard team help the inshore lifeboat operating from many a cliff top and I am hoping to feature more information related to the local coastguard unit soon. The capabilities of the offshore lifeboat and its crew were tested during the Last Call incident which resulted in the sad loss of three lives. I have chosen to add it here as an example of the conditions lifeboat crews around the coast sometimes endure. It serves as a constant reminder of the dangers of putting to sea and the need for constant vigilance.

Despite the bravery of the lifeboat crew and today's modern facilities the loss of life heralds how proud we should be of those willing to volunteer to man a lifeboat. The RNLI is a charity that deserves our support and next time you pass someone collecting in the street, give a thought for the gallant bravery of all lifeboat crews around the coast of Britain and make a generous donation.

Michael Russell Jnr
Nathan Jones
Craig Horrocks
Johnathan Marr
Andrew Cass
Martyn Cairns
Dr McCormack
Dave Johnson
Ray Pennock

I hope that this gallery page and the previous are of interest, I feel proud to be able to honour those lifeboat crew who willingly volunteer to man Whitby Lifeboats, past and present.

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