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Whitby Lifeboat - Present Crew One

The modern capabilities of today's lifeboats might make things a great deal more reliable, but even with today's advances it takes a certain type of person to man the lifeboat. The call to man a lifeboat can come at anytime during the day or night, in good weather or truly horrendous weather. A great deal has been written in the past of the courage of those that serve on lifeboats around the British Isles. I truly believe the Royal National Lifeboat Institution is an asset that Britain has much to be proud of. Many lives would be lost to the sea each year were it not for the valiant efforts of those who volunteer to man the lifeboats year in, year out. 2005 alone was a record year for lifeboat services and it is possible that this is a trend that looks set to continue?

I have placed the all weather Coxswain, mechanic, 2nd Coxswain and the acting Launch Operations Manager together, followed by the remaining crew randomly placed. I have not featured one person over another in terms of position as I feel each person makes up what is undoubtedly part of a very dedicated team of volunteers. Since the creation of this page some of the crew have left whilst new ones have emerged but I aim to update this page soon.

Coxswain Mike Russell

Mechanic Glen Goodberry

2nd Coxswain Nick Botham

Launch Operations Manager Keith Stuart

Steve Boocock
Phil Webster
Eric Ambler
Hugh Ramsden
Whitby Crew
Whitby Crew
Howard Fields
Whitby Crew
Goeff Hodgson
Whitby Crew
Andrew Evans Stone

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