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Whitby Lifeboat Headcams - Two

The following video was presented by the RNLI and features action using the new video helmet camera equipment.

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ILB In Surf On Exercise

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ALB 11 Miles Offshore Towing Boat

Chieftan Charter Rescue

25 metre Fishing Charter Fishing Boat

On Saturday 19th May 2012 Whitby RNLI was paged by Humber Coastguard for an immediate launch of the all weather lifeboat to the assistance of the 25 metre, 180 tonne Charter fishing boat ‘Chieftain’ with fifteen people on board. The lifeboat was launched at 7.05am and headed out of Whitby Harbour to find that the vessel stuck in gear just 200 metres from the shore north of Whitby.

The vessel had deployed its anchor but the large swell was dragging it placing the vessel in danger of grounding on the beach. The coxswain decided to put a drogue on the boat before they attached the tow because of the size and weight of the vessel. With the drogue deployed a tow line was transferred to the crippled casualty. Once attached the Lifeboat was able to took the weight of casualty so that its crew could retrieve their anchor.

They were then towed safely out to sea and so the that lifeboat could turn safely towards the harbour mouth. Coxswain Mike Russell realised that the drogue on Chieftain was not enough to hold her steady and the Inshore Lifeboat was tasked with getting a second drogue on board the stricken vessel.

Once this was accomplished the Chieftain was towed into the safety of the harbour and moored alongside alongside the Fish Quay. Both lifeboats returned to their moorings where the damage to the all weather lifeboat was inspected, both boats were pronounced ready for service once again.


Dog Stranded down cliff

On Saturday the 21st July just after 9 pm Whitby’s inshore lifeboat was launched to assist in the recovery of a dog that was trapped halfway down a cliff South of Saltwick. The lifeboat arrived on scene shortly afterwards at 9.20 pm and located the dog. One of the crew went ashore to try and coax the dog down from the cliff but it would was  reluctant to move. The cliff team from Whitby coastguards set up and lowered one of it's team to the dogs location, but the dog whilst not agressive ran away from the crew. With a falling tide more efforts were available from the beach. The dog owner was escorted by coastguards to the base of the cliffs and with some encouragement the dog eventually responded. reunited with the dog all parties left the beach. The lifeboat was refuelled and made ready for its next service at 11.40pm. The coastguard teams from Ravenscar, Robin hoods Bay and Whitby and the inshore lifeboat crew deserve full marks for their dedication.

RNLI records have our local station as one of the busiest lifeboat stations along the north east coast and our volunteer crews constantly get called upon to leave the safety of the harbour at all times of the day or night in any weather. With unparalleled support Whitby Lifeboat Station has a important role to play.

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